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Adamn Badass neck-snapping grooves from a great band. Production is awesome. A must for fans of Textures and Meshuggah. This band deserves to be heard. That awesome album artwork is what got me listening...cheers to Portugal! Favorite track: Nausea.
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Abnegation 02:50
Born into a world of deception, Breaching a metal grey dawn To clear the passage I seek Is to deny what I have become. Power absorving us all Sucked out, defaced, imploded Unfolds a shapeless mass of putrid souls. Condemned to endless observance. Eternal witnesses to an impossible dream. Open your eyes to see And observe what is happening. To free the basis we preach, Instead of merge ourselves with the scum. Desire. The mighty ungulfer of lives. Strikes down, forcing your thoughts to succumb. In distress We suffocate Smother us In our own blood
Dharma 03:45
I defy the system that kept me chained To break away from malady. This scheme is leading us to a negligent stage I’ll try to walk some other way and find the meaning of it all. I refuse this system we preach, this frozen motionless state That twists our mind and leads ourselves to waste As we observe the void we serve Awareness rises within everyone of us Slowly building pulse in our veins. Facing the thoughts within As I follow the stream of counsciousness The passage is cleared for my trip I dive in the deep questions of everyone’s mind. Submerging eases senses Released in the womb Lungs are inflated with a liquid that sooths Our minds and souls Breath in, breath out Reach me, Reach out Come inside.
Nausea 04:30
Awake Shapeless figures seem to blend As reality fades before my faint eyes. Distress builds endless sorrow A sickening nausea invades my soul. No! I will not tolerate. I'll cut the strings that hold me back, To crush the confinement that withholds. A search for balance in wich I could find some worth. Unveil the way Open the gate A fire within Senses evolve Everything is leading my thoughts to where I wanted. No! I will not tolerate. I'll cut the strings that hold me back, To crush the confinement that withholds. A search for balance in wich I could find some worth. I drift Submerging in the stream of mind I dive With conviction I go straight towards the leap.
Hyperborea 02:57
Lifting the body through matter. Through space and time, I traveled. The mind is expecting . . . I gaze an overwhelming light stretching along the horizon. Beauty fills this environment. Fueling the senses of mind. Accepted by nature’s pure essence I start to flow in delicate oceans of life. With eyes open i’m floating. I’m searching a meaning to it all. Reckoning the man I have become. I absorb the blackened memories. Burning down the visions of my past life.
Gaea 03:44
I emerge from the tide, with my senses enforced Seduced by nature’s sound. The melody I hoped for. A scent in the air is filling my lungs with comfort. The true foundation replies to show us the way towards a mean. How could we live Knowing what we done to ourselves Compound Structure of self Narrow and hollow within the shattered mesh. I bury the past Turn it to dust A newborn horizon is shown A massive light is rising.
Sorah 03:35
Cracked ground beneath my feet Displays a divide never seen A silhouette comes into sight. The traveller approaches bearing words to feed the thought He speaks of the old Wisdom from the elders some discard He mentions the young evolving fast To come this far. The sides are balanced in time Sharing horizons and similar grounds Shaping the days to come Lifted in the air, Motionless and doubtful Stripped of despair Longing for faith Transparent skin Show the melting of two worlds in sync.
Ethereal 05:52
Whimsical shapes from darkened sky curve Perpetual light engulfs the environment I hold To blur the matter. Tremors consuming my veins Silence screams through empty space Sickness vibrates by vital pulse. Twisted sun that blinds Spews erratic light Irradiates mutations filled with force Severed links are reposed Back to my soul Floating through dimensions Inverted gravity Entering another realm Random flow Gushing liquid I cannot grasp Fueling momentum Replacing the reality With all but phallacies To crush my sensory input A twisted collusion set for me To bring me down I SAY NO! The setting sun fades The energy is merging with a dim shade A darker null Negative pole Absorbing all the might out of the core Visual senses overload Disrupting the notion of the here and now To an eternal darkness bow! Lost inside A million thoughts collide It breaks me down. Burns my mind. Out of my soundness Into unlikeness Seething of concepts unheard of Trending towards an intersection A cross of varied worlds Terminal Neural flow Towering synaptic outburst
Benighted 04:08
I am just another witness of yesterday. A blind one. How could I be so fatuos when signals we’re given? To face the consequence that’s set upon my fate, I must perceive the atmosphere of this fictional space. A stare against the wall of enhanced reality. Deceived by spectral paradise Discerning stimuli opposed and intertwined Attain responses from motion. Sustenance increasingly scarce I’m bound to starve Repentance sets in my mind Eroding my drive I’m compelled to return I face the absurd. My blackened plan is close to an end Condemned to isolation Confined inside my demise I’m running backwards I see my dismal future Adrift.


released October 14, 2013

This album was self-funded.








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[EN] Formed in northern Portugal in 2012, Nebulous evolved from past musical projects and gathers members with strong experience.
With a different approach on the Portuguese metal scene, they dive and explore the multiple forms of music, engaging their sound with heavy tunings, ambient harmonies and polyrhythms full of groove.
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